Writing a response to educational practice

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All students undergo practical training during their undergraduate studies. As a rule, the teacher asks for a practice report. In this article, we will tell you how to write it correctly.

Collect information to write a report on the practice

As a rule, educational practice is group work. Students go on excursions to a particular enterprise in order to see the whole working process, as well as to better understand what awaits them in the future.

Often, at the initial stage, students begin to worry about what exactly is worth writing in the report on educational practice. To make things a little easier for yourself, you should immediately start collecting the following information:

  • detailed information on the location of the practice;
  • data about the department in which students spent the most time, actively practicing, as well as about the activities that are usually carried out by the people working there;
  • documents, extracts and archives.

During the internship, it is recommended to keep a diary in which it is necessary to record in detail everything that you do in practice every day. It would be useful to find out exactly what requirements your teacher makes to write a report.

The structure of the report on educational practice

It all starts with an introduction. It prescribes the goals and objectives set by the university. Then comes the main part. The characteristic of the enterprise is made, and also its general work is reflected. Various drawings and graphics are provided if they are relevant there.

In the final part of the report, you should write about whether you managed to achieve the objectives set at the beginning of the internship, what difficulties you encountered during the internship, how you overcame them, etc.

Correct report design

Usually, when making a report on educational practice, use the following rules:

The length of the report is from thirty to forty printed sheets. In this case, the font is Times New Roman. Size is 12-14, and line spacing is one and a half centimeters.

All tables or figures present in the report should be signed and numbered.

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