Why do people write dissertations?

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The thesis is a special strictly defined form of scientific work, prepared for public defense and obtaining a scientific degree. Officially, there are quite high requirements for work; the main ones are:

  • The author himself must conduct scientific research.
  • The work includes the development of new economic and technological scientific research, and complete design of the results obtained.
  • Scientific work has a high methodological approach and reflects the personal contribution of the graduate student/applicant to the development of the problem under study.
  • Author’s decisions and proposals should be clearly documented in work and supported by relevant facts and arguments.
  • Upon successful selection and provision of material, the work of a graduate student/applicant should be publicly protected.

Studying in graduate school will allow not only to satisfy their ambition but also to continue research activities in the field already developed independently. In the event that scientific achievements gain momentum and interest the public, the author will be able to count on a prestigious international award for a significant contribution to science. Postgraduate study gives a chance to write a candidate’s work, get a degree and stay to work at the department of the university.

Does it make sense to write a dissertation?

If you want to have another specialty, you just need to get the title of master. If you want to master the depth of the profession from the inside, it makes sense to go to graduate school. Getting a degree in the future will allow you to find a job in the specialty and take a good position. A young specialist, thanks to obtaining an academic title and working in a budgetary institution, will receive an additional percentage of his salary. When employed in a commercial structure, the salary will depend not so much on education, but on practical experience and theoretical knowledge.

There is a misconception that a director of a company who does not have a higher education reluctantly hires graduate students who are smarter than him. However, it doesn’t matter what kind of education an employee has. His level of knowledge and skills are important. If a person is competent and well versed in the professional field, he is more likely to get a good and well-paid job.

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