Why Do People Hire SEO Agency? SEO

Why Do People Hire SEO Agency?

There are many different types of businesses that hire seo agencies. The seo company might be their only seo service resource, or it could be used to supplement an existing team.

If you’re already performing seo or want to start, one of the most prevalent questions is whether or not to hire an agency to help you with all your seo service needs. You may be hesitant to hire because of control and budgetary worries, but outsourcing to an seo agency can be a lot more efficient solution. Managers who try to save money by doing it themselves all too often end up wasting both time and resources. That isn’t to imply that insourcing isn’t a viable choice for you, but if you’re still undecided, consider the benefits of getting an seo agency and weigh up the options against any alternative you might have in mind. Let the key to your decision be based on which option can get your business the desired result. 


SMEs Can Leverage on SEO Agency Services

SEO agency are frequently used by small organizations who cannot afford to hire their own internal staff. SEO agency have lesser overheads than agencies, making them potentially less expensive to work with. For cash-strapped businesses, this may be a viable option.

Why Do People Hire SEO Agency?

Hiring Assistance

Hiring support is a highly specific task that SEO companies might find themselves doing for other firms. Rather than a firm addressing a skill gap by themselves, they may require the services of an SEO specialist who is with a reputable SEO agency to help in a hiring process.

It might be tough for a recruiting manager to know enough about SEO to make an informed judgment in firms with no or a small SEO team. An SEO agency might provide their knowledge to the hiring process.

Complementing a Team

SEO companies can help brands with an existing SEO staff supplement their resources or address a specific skill need. For example, if their internal staff has no expertise with Google Discovery, a business seeking to appear there for the first time may seek outside help on how to do it.

Organizing a Department

An SEO Company may also assist in the creation of a department from the ground up, in addition to assisting with recruitment. When a team is needed, hiring senior-level expertise might be difficult. The SEO company could assist in the formation of the department and even lead it until a permanent senior hire is found.

SEO Agencies Can help Businesses Maximise Profits.

The salary, software, and equipment required to develop a complete team of in-house SEO professionals require a large and continuous investment. One of the advantages of employing an SEO agency is that they may provide their experienced team and resources at a lower cost than maintaining an in-house team.

Many businesses are put off by the cost of hiring an outside SEO company, but the necessity of SEO for business growth and its unrivaled ROI make it tough to ignore.

Why Do People Hire SEO Agency?

According to Statista, SEO is one of the most effective ROI-driving marketing methods available, with 32% of marketers globally claiming it provides the highest ROI and 41% claiming it provides even a medium ROI. As a result, one of the most significant advantages of using an SEO agency is that any expenditures are offset by the profit it generates.

Take Advantage of Diverse Expertise in the Field

SEO agencies have a diverse team of experts, including SEO experts, web developers, and content writers, who can manage a variety of problems. Every individual in an agency has a focus and excels in that area in order to provide the best outcomes for your company.

Hiring an SEO firm means getting advice from experts who specialize in SEO, have years of expertise, and know more than you do. Search engines release dozens, if not hundreds, of new improvements each year, making it difficult for businesses to stay up. Worse, they may cause businesses to lose valuable traffic without even realizing it!

Here are some reasons why hiring an SEO agency will provide you with nothing but professional assistance:

  • SEO companies have access to cutting-edge technology and key industry platforms, and they know how to make the most of them. And they transmit that information on to your company.
  • They’ve worked with brands similar to yours before.
  • For information on algorithm upgrades and their impact on SEO rankings, SEO agencies can follow industry news outlets, forums, and competitors.
  • They can keep an eye on your website’s health for concerns like indexing, traffic reductions, ranks loss, and manual actions, among other things.
  • They can identify problems and locate the source of algorithmic penalties and drops.
  • They can offer direction and development assistance for resolving issues.

SEO agencies have worked with a wide range of clients and industries and have a thorough understanding of which techniques work best. They’ve already gone through years of trial and error and rigorous testing across a wide range of business environments, so they’re ahead of the curve when it comes to determining what will produce outcomes.

Why Do People Hire SEO Agency?

So, instead of doing it yourself, why not employ an SEO firm? 

In your niche, a local SEO agency will have worked with dozens of other brands much like yours. They’ll have aided other businesses in reaching the first page of search results. They can do it for you again. They also know how to blend your expectations with their strategies to create a campaign that is completely tailored to you.

Your Company’s Safety

If you don’t know what you’re doing, SEO can be dangerous, exposing you to search penalties, spam, and hackers. One of the main reasons for employing an SEO service is that they know what to look for in order to avoid any bad consequences and keep your website (and rankings) safe!

For some businesses, hiring an SEO agency is a terrific option, but it’s vital to note that not all SEO agencies are created equal. If you decide to outsource to a local SEO agency, make sure you do your homework beforehand. Beware of SEO companies that provide assurances or anything else that seems too good to be true.

Why SEO Traffic and Rankings Drop After a Web Redesign SEO

Why SEO Traffic and Rankings Drop After a Web…

Many companies have redesigned their websites in the last few years as the importance of having a strong online presence has grown, and SEO agencies have also improved on their approach and strategy to web site page content and structure. As the internet has grown in importance, so has the need of a well-designed and easy-to-use website in order to stay one step ahead of the competition.

A new website may greatly boost your overall traffic and leads assist by seo agency in australia, but the transition from old to new is not always as simple as most companies anticipate.

Have you seen a decrease in traffic after launching a new version of your website?

Sadly, this is a problem that many companies face. There is likely a straightforward cause for your traffic drop, and if handled within the first few months, your former traffic levels may be readily regained if the problem is solved. Learn more how to measure your SEO agency performance.

Proper redirection of traffic from the old website URLs to the appropriate URLs on your new site is critical when rebuilding a website. This is what many businesses don’t take into consideration, and most usually sideline the inputs of SEO agencies in the process of redesigning or revamping a website.

Why SEO Traffic and Rankings Drop After a Web Redesign

As if you were changing your postal address, redirecting is just informing Google that all of the traffic previously sent to one URL should now be directed to the new URL.

Is There Anything I Can Do If I’ve been Properly Redirected on My Site?

  1. In order to make sure that Google is correctly indexing your website, you should do an audit using Google Search Console, or consult an SEO company for help with the audit, to know where the issue is. For example, you may use Google Search Console to analyse your site for issues such as:

If your site is experiencing problems or is at risk of being infected by malware, here is where you’ll discover information from Google.

  1. Make an appointment with your SEO agency if you’re still unclear of what’s going on. When trying to track down the origins of a problem, it helps to have a thorough awareness of the most recent site updates.
  2. If you can’t figure out what’s causing your site’s traffic to plummet, it’s time to call in a professional SEO specialist.

The Importance of Redirecting

Even though the design of your existing website is antiquated, there may be a few aspects that work in your favour in terms of increasing your search traffic. It’s important to keep these good aspects in mind while designing a new website. These are a few examples:

  • Your website’s age is a factor.

Don’t lose this equity in the changeover of your website, therefore make sure to notify Google of the new site’s when possible.

The launch of the new site should go well if redirecting is done appropriately. 301 redirects are one of the best practices for SEO, but there are various more methods to redirect traffic.

Why SEO Traffic and Rankings Drop After a Web Redesign

Why Is It Relevant Which URL You Redirect Your Page?

Alternatively, would a simple redirect to your new home page suffice? Unfortunately, the situation is more nuanced. To put it another way, redirecting all of your previous URLs to the homepage is not a good idea. As an illustration: Google’s goal is to offer its users with the greatest possible experience, therefore it ranks websites depending on how useful they are to those users’ search terms. Redirecting URLs to the new link with comparable content rather than sending people to the homepage to search is one technique to guarantee that you will continue to offer consumers with the most relevant information in search results.

Your new site may not include pages that precisely match the pages on your previous site in certain circumstances. In this scenario, you should apply your own judgement and divert the traffic to the link that you believe would be most beneficial to the visitor. When it comes to redirects, even a page with less links to other pages is preferable than the homepage.

Making Use of Redirects Can Be Beneficial to Your New Website’s Health

If you have hundreds or even thousands of pages indexed by Google, the work of redirecting your URLs may seem overwhelming. However, you’ll reap the rewards of gaining:

  1. In the near term, regaining lost traffic from search engines may have a substantial impact on performance.
  2. Recovering lost equity in order to increase your long-term SEO efforts.

After a Website Redesign, Here Are 5 Things to Check.

After launching your new website, you’ll want to maintain a post-launch checklist available. Perhaps you’ve just established a new website and are trying to make sure you’ve covered all of your bases?

Check out a top SEO agency advice to finish your website!

Why SEO Traffic and Rankings Drop After a Web Redesign

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

You should contact your hosting provider or the IT support of your content management system to receive an SSL certificate if you’ve changed hosting providers or are working with a new content management system. Google and other search engines will see this as a sign that your site is safe and secure, which will benefit you in the rankings.


You probably had your staging site (also known as a dev site) setup to noindex your website while it was being developed. If this is the case, ensure to update your website’s settings so that Google and other search engines can now index your website and include you in search results!


Be sure to re-submit your sitemap to Google and other search engines once you’ve re-indexed your website so they can see your new pages. Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools allow you to do this if you’re using WordPress.

Extensions, Add-ons, and Plugins!

In order to generate things like PPC landing pages, meta data, redirects, and more; many systems, such as WordPress and Shopify, rely heavily on third-party plugins. That’s why it’s important to have everything in place before launching a new website, so you don’t have any downtime.


Hovering over links on your live site may still take you to the development site’s URL if you used interlinking on the pages of your staging site. Consult your web developer or SEO agency to install a search and replace plugin or on the site to allow it to effortlessly switch out all of the URLs to the live domain.

Final Thoughts

After redesigning a website, it is in a common practice of SEO companies for large corporations to perform a site audit to discover any potential problem and tie loose ends. If you have just successfully redesigned your website, consult with top SEO agency or professional SEO specialist in your locality to conduct a site audit to make sure you’re properly in tune with Google demands.

Important aspects of SEO SEO

8 Important aspects of SEO that a would-be SEO…

As a would-be SEO Agency, there is some crucial aspect of search engine optimization you must know. I want to start by congratulating you that the information you will get at the end day by reading this article will contribute massively to your dreams to become a reality. Getting the critical elements of search engine optimization will help you win clients to yourself. Not only that, you will gain more conversions and sales.

However, it is expedient for you to know that there is some fact that you must not overlook in delivering quality SEO services. So, if you want to join the league of successful SEO Agencies in Sydney, you should pay rapt attention to some crucial aspects we are about to discuss here.

Meanwhile, getting this important information about SEO will give you a clue about what search engine optimization entails. Also, it will put you on the best way to implement the best SEO strategy for your clients. The information provided here is exactly what you need to stand out among other SEO Agencies in Sydney. You must pay attention to this article. Before we jump into details, we would like to take you through what search engine optimization entails.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is a unique way of improving and protecting a web page to maintain the lead position on search engines. The essence of SEO is to make sure a website is on the top list of what people will likely search for on search engines like Google, Bing, and others. As a would-be SEO Agency, you need to have in mind that you must ensure that the site you are dealing with must be on the top list of suggested answers to questions that have been asked on search engines like Google.

However, there are some things you should focus on as an SEO Agency to achieve something unique in this industry. Remember, there are countless SEO Agencies in Sydney. Therefore, below here are the eight crucial aspects you must focus on delivering a good quality SEO service:

  1. You must focus on Audience and industry: Your priority as a would-be SEO Agency is to focus primarily on the SEO industry and the Audience. It would help if you answered some questions right now as you are reading this article. I mean questions like; what is this industry all about? Who are my top competitors? How are my competitors executing their SEO strategy? These are the questions you should ask to give an accurate answer, you can good resource to study SEO in depth at
  2. Keyword research: This aspect is one of the aspects where some SEO Agencies are missing it. Keyword research is an essential tool in delivering search engine optimization. How do I mean? No one can talk about SEO without emphasizing keyword research. Keyword research is a powerful tool in SEO. Without keyword research, search engines can’t rank a site. Furthermore, keyword research is an essential tool in SEO to pinpoint the best possible user intent and find what your people are searching for.

  1. User intent: For any successful SEO campaign, user intent is a vital key. For instance, assuming your Audience typically searches for “top hairdresser in Sydney” as a primary starting point. Then, throughout your keyword research, you notice variations for “best hairdresser in Sydney” and “how to find a reliable hairdresser in Sydney.” And each of these variations results in at least a ten-fold increase in searches leading back to a landing page. In this case, it would be nice to integrate these into the overall search engine optimization process.
  2. Accurate analysis and report: There’s nothing more critical to an SEO campaign than perfect reporting. If an SEO Agency can’t report on results that the campaign achieves appropriately, how can such Agency expect to make accurate amendments that an SEO campaign requires? Remember, you must study the industry because you might be working with an industry where the market shifts quickly. Therefore, it is essential to integrate a quarterly keyword research task into your search engine optimization process to know what people are searching for per time.
  3. Quality content: If you want to join the league of successful SEO Agencies in Sydney, you must focus on creating high-quality content in discharging your SEO services. There’s no SEO campaign without good content. Focusing on delivering high-quality content should be your utmost priority. In the delivery of SEO services, quality content helps to generate high CTR. Not only that, but good content also helps in generating backlinks.
  4. Furthermore, quality content allows you to incorporate keywords. Content on the web page must be engaging, and it must not contain grammatical errors. Also, your content in SEO services must be easy to read and understand. Therefore, if you want to be in this SEO game, creating quality content should be part of your focus.
  5. Crawling: Crawling is when search engines like Google send a bot to a web page or web post and read the page. It is a process by which search engines spiders discover a website. Furthermore, crawling is the first part of having a search engine recognize a page and show it in search results. However, having a page crawled does not automatically mean the page was indexed. I will advise you to do further research on crawling. It is an aspect of SEO you must know. learn more about search engine spiders by clicking here
  6. Indexing: What is indexing? Indexing is how search engines organize information before a search to enable a super-fast response to queries. You must know that indexing is entirely different from crawling. Crawling and indexing are somehow connected; they are not mutually exclusive.
  7. Technical SEO: This is when a web page meets the technical requirements of modern search engines to improve organic traffic. The essential elements of technical SEO include crawling, indexing, rendering, and website architecture.


With the above-listed eight points, I hope to see your comment. I hope to hear about you doing something outstanding in the SEO world.


UX design principles UX Design Principles

The 10 UX design principles by the experts from…

Different companies follow different design principles, yet the best ones that revolutionized the web team with more consistent and user-friendly website design solutions are:

1)     Attention

Help your visitors navigate from point A to point B. The fewer question marks visitors have, the better sense of orientation they have and the more trust they develop towards the company the site.

2)     Bugs is a high priority issue – By Microsoft

Small bugs to be fixed, In user experience small stuff matters

3)     Consistency – By IBM

UX defines the looks and behavior of the site should be always the same, action should always produce the same result

4)     Data for the user – By GOV.UK

Use real-world behavior and user testing to aid the development process.

5)     Unique, short, Quality writing – By Vitaly Friedman

Make use of effective writing, Exaggerated language will be ignored, it is very important for the success of SEO, learn more about important aspects of SEO at

UX design principles

6)     Content Flexibility – By IBM

Let users customize the application to meet their unique needs. Flexibility is also enhanced by letting users select options on their own and by letting them modify default values.

7)     Grouping – By Whitney Hess

Group related objects near each other.

8)   Advantage of hardware buttons, Gestures, touch target size

Hardware buttons: start, back, and search, Gestures: tap, double-tap, touch & hold, pan, flick, pinch & stretch, touch target size: 7mm

9)     Simplicity and elegance – By Nielsen Norman Group

Meet the exact needs of the customer, without fuss or bother

10)  Loading Time – By Google

Every millisecond counts

11)   People Attention is Imp – By Google

“Allow users to personalize their web design experience. People love to add personal touches because it helps them feel at home and in control.”

12)  Accurate design – By Steve Jobs

“When you’re a carpenter making a beautiful chest of drawers, you’re not going to use a piece of plywood on the back, even though it faces the wall and nobody will ever see it. You’ll know it’s there, so you’re going to use a beautiful piece of wood in the back. For you to sleep well at night, the aesthetic, the quality, has to be carried all the way through.”

13)  Visual Hierarchy – By Whitney Hess

“Create a visual hierarchy that matches the user’s needs.” – Whitney Hess

14)  White Space – Vitaly Friedman

Don’t be afraid of it.

15)  A Joy of User experience design – By Google Android

A beautiful surface, a carefully-placed animation, or a well-timed sound effect is a joy to experience. Subtle effects contribute to a feeling of effortlessness and a sense that a powerful user experience force is on hand.

16)  User Experience design, a true fun – By Jeffrey Zeldman

Have fun. We spend a lot of time thinking about accessibility, usability, performance, all that good stuff… but we sometimes forget about making it delightful and entertaining – just the television people deliver to us all the time.

17)  Zzzzzz…user experience designers go sleep – By Microsoft

“What happens when the user/user’s device goes to sleep? Be interruptible. Account for starting and stopping (fast return, and do not get in the way of other UX).

SEO Agency Performance SEO

9 Ways to Measure Your SEO Agency Performance

Unless you have a deep understanding of SEO, you might be finding it difficult to know if your Search Engine Optimization efforts are paying off or not. Meanwhile, SEO results do not come immediately, so it might be frustrating for business owners who do not know how to measure SEO progress but only wait for their desired expectations to generate traffic or convert leads.

Every business owner needs to know about how SEO works – at least, the basics. Else, you will be running at a loss while you keep funding your SEO agency’s online visibility in the name of making SEO efforts for your business.

Before we talk about measuring your SEO agency’s performance, you need to know how long it takes for SEO to start yielding results.

How long does it take to start seeing SEO results?

Search engine Optimization takes up to 3 – 6 months before it starts bringing progressive results. However, depending on the competition of your keywords and the market, it might take longer than that.

For instance, if your business is in a competitive market, it might take as long as a year before your business begins to rank on every search engine. Meanwhile, the results are worth waiting for. When your SEO efforts start to pat off, your business will enjoy a consistent increase in traffic and lead, definitely boosting sales and bringing a high return on investment.

Hence, if you hire an SEO agency and it seems their SEO practices are not meeting up to your expectations within the first few months, don’t fret. It does not mean that your SEO agency is not competent.

To keep your hopes and trust in your SEO agency alive, here are a few SEO metrics you can use to measure the performance of your SEO efforts.

1. Impressions

Impressions refer to the number of times your business website appears on search results when people use your keywords in searches. Note that impressions do not have anything to do with clicks. It’s all about showing in searches for people to see.

However, strong impressions neither mean you are generating traffic nor converting leads. Nevertheless, it is a good way to start. Impressions show that your business is ranking for keywords. That alone is a sign that your SEO efforts are yielding results.

How can you check your impressions? Google Console is one of the best tools available to see how your impressions are doing organically. To check it, follow the procedure below:

  • Login to
  • Select your website
  • Click on search traffic
  • Click on search analytics
  • Check the impressions box. From there, you can see your site data for the last 28 days and up to 90 days.
  • Review total impressions.

You need to note these figures at the beginning of your SEO project to help you have a detailed track in the long run.

2. Organic Traffic

In reality, SEO is not all about ranking. The ultimate goal of every SEO agency is to drive traffic and increase sales. Hence, when you notice your organic traffic increases, it is a good sign that your SEO is doing well.

Meanwhile, make sure that you contrate more on the organic traffic data and not the overall traffic results. On the other hand, if your organic traffic data is not encouraging, it means your SEO is not performing well.

To check your organic site traffic through Google Analytics, follow the procedure below:

  • Open your Google Analytics account for your business website
  • Go to Acquisition
  • Click on Channels
  • Review Organic Search Traffic

3. Number of pages ranking

The number of pages you are raking for is another way to measure your SEO performance. If the number of pages increases, it means your SEO agency is performing well. But, if it decreases, it means your SEO agency is not getting something right. The problem can either be a result of penalties or indexing issues.

Your site is said to have indexing issues if a page you have optimized does not show up in search engines. That issue mainly occurred when search engines were unable to crawl your website appropriately.

You can also check the number of pages your website is ranking for in Google Console.

4. Number of Backlinks

Backlinks are links that direct users to your website from other websites. Mind you, link building is as much crucial as page optimization. The number of backlinks you get counts in measuring your SEO performance.

You need to work with your SEO agency to keep monitoring your backlinks to know whether there’s progress in your site’s ranking or not. More importantly, you need to check the quality of the links. Low-quality links yield no result at all and could hurt your business in the long run.

A few standard tools you can use to monitor your website backlinks include Majestic SEO, AHREFS, and more. These tools are not only for tracking backlinks; they can also help you score the quality of your links.

To monitor your backlinks, follow the procedure below:

  • Log in to
  • Put in your web address
  • Review your established links
  • Total links mean the number of backlinks on your site presently
  • Root domains refer to the number of websites that link back to you

5. Referrals from other websites

A link-building strategy is an essential part of SEO. No SEO agency can gainsay that. If you want to get it right, you need to be sure you follow the best practices and seek out high-quality links from the relevant websites. You may get huge referral traffic from those websites too.

You can check referrals from the reputable website in Google Analytics; you can follow this procedure:

  • Login to Google Analytics
  • Select your website
  • Go to Acquisition
  • Select Channels
  • Review referrals


It is good to take a proper measure of your SEO to know your SEO agency’s performance. Besides, you cannot improve what you can’t measure. Hence, monitoring your SEO performance is critical to getting the best results.